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A Quest Complete, A True Life Story

Being the psychotic fan that I am, I've been pestering the people at the local FYE all week about the Trish dvd. Today I decided to stop by after classes to just make sure they weren't putting it out a day early. I was disappointed to find out they didn't put it out yet, but the helpful Managed (that I just happen to bump into *grin*) showed me exactly about where it would be the next morning and assured me that they won't be putting it out till tonight AFTER they close.

Needless to say I was disappointed and as I walked through the mall in a despressed hazed heading toward the local Hogan Daas (what better way to cheer up a bad mood the ice cream!) I remember that there's another video store in the Mall, Saturday Night Matinee. I instantly remember that I got the Divas 2002 and 2003 there and that it was a day early! So I double time it over there hoping beyond hope that my inside information about the CE edition not being exculsive to FYE was correct.

I walk in, power walk my way to the DVD section and come to a screeching halt. There it is! No, not the collector's edition DVD, not the normal DVD, but the VHS version! My eyes light up with excitement like a small child on christmas morning seeing the tree and gifts for the first time. The anticipation sends a chiver down, I blink and I was at the DVD section in no time. The sweet begins to trickle down my face as I search frantically for the DVD.

Where is it? Why can't I find it? No that's not it.

I check behind every last WWE dvd to make sure it's not buried and find nothing. My shoulders fall dejectedly knowing how close I just was. Just then a beam of hope casts down from the heavens on a lady wearing the store uniform. My composure straightens with determined resolve as I make my way toward her, my hand snatching the VHS tape off the shelf without even looking to make sure I grabbed the right one.

I approach like a hungry wolf. I can hear the sound of her heart beating in my ears, maybe it's my own, it does not matter. I need to feed, I must have it.

"Hi," I say. "Can you help me find the DVD copy of this?"

"Sure," she replies walking away without another word.

I follow, my eyes drilling holes into the back of her head finding her every thought, her every desire, knowing everything. I am ready to destroy this minx if she leads me astray.

And then the world stops. I can't breath. It's as if everything, all laws of physics and time end. There is is, the object millions desire. The Trish Stratus Collector's DVD with Bobblehead.

I stare at it for what seems to be a life time before reaching out careful not to touch it, afraid that my hand will past through it like some conjurer of spell's phantasm. That my touch would dispel this illusion causing springing the Tricksters trap. As my fingers drawn nearer, my eyes close. They connect with something solid, something smooth and it feels... feels almost like plastic!

I open my eyes and in my hands is the DVD, the Collectorís Edition DVD. The Trish Stratus 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed Special Collectorís Edition DVD. It is mine!

Paying for it goes without delay. My card is swiped; I leave without being noticed by the Tricksterís ever alert sensors. My chariot awaits me ready to return me home, away from this den. I entered begin my ride home, aware that I am not yet safe, that Tricksterís agents may be following me waiting till the time is right.

The voyage home is a familiar one, one that shouldnít be difficult. But it is. I can hear the Sirenís call in my ears, drawing my eyes off the road toward the small package resting in the seat next to me. I can hear the all too familiar giggle, which cause my pulse to quicken in excited. Was this the Trickster trap?

I look up, the signals have changed, green has turned to red and I must stop. But I canít, the Sirenís song is too powerful. Somehow I break away, coming to a safe stop, knowing that I risk everything, even the Maiden if I donít.

Yes, I can do this.

I continue forward when the signals change again, ready to make my way uninterrupted. I feel confidence now. I know that during my moment of weakness the Tricksterís agents would have taken me if they were aware of my success. But then I understand my folly, the Trickster can not be so easy defeated.

Another signal change, I must stop, I must be delayed again and then again. Itís as if the Trickster has taken over the world around me, controlling it, playing its strings as only a Grand Master could.

I make it to the last stop before my destination. My sense are keenly aware of my surroundings, waiting, preying that now wonít be the moment I am over taken. The signal changes again and I proceed forward.

What is he waiting for? Why has the Trickster allowed me to get so close to safety?

I can not and do not know, but I made it home. The perils were behind me and I only needed to walk a few feet now and my voyage would be at an end. I spring from my chariot and dash across the grass opening the gate with ease and making it inside as if Iíd never left.

I was safe. I had my treasure, my Maiden was saved. I let out a deep sigh of relief hoping that no other would fail in such a similar quest. Hoping that the Trickster would be defied, and that 100% Stratusfaction would be delivered.



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